Marine & Ocean-Life Statues

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Showing all 16 results

Marine & Ocean-Life Statues ~ Diving into the Big Deep Blue!

We’ve got an amazing array of Marine & Ocean-Life Statues here at The Shed.
Create your very own under the sea world in your home, garden or business.
Our lifesized Marine & Ocean-Life Statues are so realistic, people will fall in love with them
We’ve got every type of lifesize Marine creature you can think of ~ Sharks, Orcas, Seals, Crabs, Turtles and all manner of fish species!

Because our Marine & Ocean-Life Statues attract attention, they are perfect for promoting your themed events, attracting attention to your business
or complimenting your themed area.

To discuss any of our life size statues or figures, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.
All our products come with amazingly realistic features and a high quality, hand finished detail and paint.
They are also superbly robust and durable with a waterproof construction from Resin & Fibreglass
When kept outside we we advise a coat of varnish and a maintenance regime for longevity.