Zebra Seat Statue

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Our incredibly life-like Zebra Seat Statue is one of a huge range of Wild Animal Statues we supply from The Shed.

It measures 173 x 80 x 109 cms, weighs 42 kgs and is made from a resin and fibreglass composite.

Why not pair him with our Horse Seat?

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Zebra Seat Statue

Our Zebra Seat Statue is incredibly life like. In fact, you would almost think it was the real thing!

This is another realistic addition to our collection of life-sized Wild Animal Statues and it has the same exquisite detail and life-like qualities. This Zebra is perfect for use in zoo-themed areas and businesses. It possess all the same features as a real Zebra and its high quality design is flawless.

Also available are our Unicorn Seat and our Horse Seat.

Did you know?

Zebras are very social animals and live in large groups called ‘harems.’ Plains and mountain zebras live in harems that are made up of one stallion and up to six mares and their young.
Grevy’s zebras come together as groups for short periods of time.
Sometimes herds come together to form temporary groups of up to 30 members. Zebras sleep standing up, and only when they are in groups that can warn them of danger. If they spot a predator, they will bark or whinny loudly to warn the others in the group.

Don’t forget!

To discuss any of our life size statues or 3D figures, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.
All our products come with amazingly realistic features and a high quality, hand finished detail and paint.
They are also superbly robust and durable with a waterproof construction from a resin and fibreglass composite.
When kept outside we advise a coat of varnish and a maintenance regime for longevity.

Any item can be ordered in any colour(s).
Please note: All sizes and weights are approximate.


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Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 173 × 80 × 109 cm


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