Small Mammoth Statue

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One of the many realistic Dinosaur Statues we supply from The Shed, our Small Mammoth Statue would be ideal for a Dinosaur themed park or display.

It measures 69 x 22 x 48cms, weighs 7 kgs and constructed from a resin & fibreglass composite.

This makes a great display alongside our Giant Mammoth Statue.

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Small Mammoth Statue

Our Small Mammoth Statue is one of a series of pre-historic statues we supply.
The stunning detail on the Mammoth makes the model incredibly life-like, it will definitely make people do a double take after seeing it.
Because they attract attention our lifesize 3D Dinosaur Statues  are great for promoting your business.
It is great for use in amusement parks or themed areas, restaurants, shops and parks. Also great in a Dinosaur themed area or even in your dinosaur-mad child’s bedroom or play room.

Also available is our Giant Mammoth Statue.

Did you know?

Like their modern relatives, mammoths were quite large. The largest known species reached heights in the region of 4 m (13.1 ft) at the shoulder and weights of up to 8 tonnes (8.8 short tons), while exceptionally large males may have exceeded 12 tonnes (13.2 short tons). However, most species of mammoth were only about as large as a modern Asian elephant (which are about 2.5 m to 3 m high at the shoulder, and rarely exceeding 5 tonnes).

Don’t forget!

To discuss any of our life size statues or 3D figures, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.
All our products come with amazingly realistic features and a high quality, hand finished detail and paint.
They are also superbly robust and durable with a waterproof construction from a resin and fibreglass composite.
When kept outside we advise a coat of varnish and a maintenance regime for longevity.

Any item can be ordered in any colour(s).
Please note: All sizes and weights are approximate.


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 69 × 22 × 48 cm


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