Mini Schnauzer 2

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Our Mini Schnauzer 2 model, with a beautiful black and silver coat finish and blue collar, measures 86 x 28 x 75 cms and weighs 9kgs. One half of an adorable pair, this model is all the joy of a real pet and none of the fuss or mess.

Check out the other half of this duo here.

It is made of resin and fibreglass composite with a hand painted finish.

Just one of our fabulous life size Dog Statue products.

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Mini Schnauzer

Our beautiful Mini Schnauzer model is perfect for any pooch fanatic! Stunningly realistic and life-like, you’ll be forgiven for pausing to check its real. All of the pet and none of the mess! This model is perfect for any display, on its own or in an ensemble. Check out our other dog models.

Did you know?

Schnauzers date back to at least the 15th century. Farmers bred them down from the Standard Schnauzer to make them more useful around the farm. It’s been known as a separate breed since 1899. Because of that, they’re a dog that even the worst allergy sufferer can often live with, and maybe even sleep with! This is especially true for our model, as they’ll never need a groom to be totally shed free!

Don’t Forget!

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Take a look and be inspired by our amazing range of lifesize products.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 86 × 28 × 75 cm


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