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The members of the respective Rugby 6 Nations

teams are certainly “real” Rugby life size models!

We weren’t at all astounded to see a giant, larger than life sized rugby ball in the side of Cardiff Castle to celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015. The reason being, is that we know every organisation’s needs, or tastes are completely different to another company’s. That’s why we’re never surprised at the requests for items we receive.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”6778″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”5185″ img_size=”500 x 600″][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]We’re a family run business here at Alba Shed so with different generations among us, our sporting interests are quite varied.  This is evident from the range of sport-related life size items in our cavern of storage. When you visit our emporium, you are really only scratching the surface of what we have to offer you for your home, garden, event, function, restaurant or shop.

Which one of our larger than life pieces

can perfect the look you’re going for?

Give us a call

so we can provide the items you need!

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Celebrity Clients

We’ve had some amazing clients over the years – Boris Johnson had a Pterosaur for his 50th birthday… Zak Starkey needed some 12ft Giraffes… even Peppa Pig (well the mother of Harley Bird who did the voice) had a few … but supplying the amazing movie Director Tim Burton with 12 dinosaurs for his ‘back garden’ in Oxfordshire was cool – and we carried out the install… He even visited our warehouse in the South Wales valleys…in Cwm, Blaenau Gwent.


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Holiday Park & Resort Innovation

If you are at the HOLIDAY PARK & RESORT INNOVATION 2017 on Wednesday or Thursday, please drop by and see us!

The show runs from 8th–9th Nov 2017 and entrance is completely free! – Follow this link for show information and book your tickets here

We will be on STAND 3228 so please pop over to see us for a chat and see some of our #ALBAmazing lifesize models and realistic statues.

We hope to see you there!

@Lifesize_Models@HP_Innovation, @FamilyAttractEx, @Farm_Innovation, @CH_innovation , @RuralEnt

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Holiday Park & Resort Innovation

Lifesize Models by Alba Shed ~ E: ~ W: ~ FB: @albashedmodels ~ TW: @Lifesize_Models ~ #ALBAmazing


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Holiday Park & Resort Innovation

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at HOLIDAY PARK & RESORT INNOVATION 2017.

The show runs from 8th–9th Nov 2017 and entrance is completely free! – Follow this link for show information and book your tickets here

We will be on STAND 3228 so please pop over to see us for a chat and see some of our #ALBAmazing lifesize models and realistic statues.

Only 30 days to go – We hope to see you there!

@Lifesize_Models@HP_Innovation, @FamilyAttractEx, @Farm_Innovation, @CH_innovation , @RuralEnt

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Holiday Park & Resort Innovation

Lifesize Models by Alba Shed ~ E: ~ W: ~ FB: @albashedmodels ~ TW: @Lifesize_Models ~ #ALBAmazing


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Product Lists Available #ALBAmazing

Hi Shedders – Just a quick note to let you know we now have a product list page.

Take a look Product List (opens in new window) – Okay, so not quite finished yet but we are doing our best!

We welcome any and all feedback as ever!

Thanks all.

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Firm creates dinosaurs for Tim Burton and Boris Johnson – BBC Wales


A company specialising in life-size models has created giant beasts for celebrities including Tim Burton, Zak Starkey and Boris Johnson.

A company specialising in life-size models has created giant beasts for celebrities including Tim Burton, Zak Starkey and Boris Johnson.
Ben Powell, of Cwm-based Lifesize Models by Alba Shed, in Blaenau Gwent, explained how the firm provided a pterodactyl for the foreign secretary’s wife as a surprise party gift.
Film director Burton also ordered a dozen dinosaurs.


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The dinosaurs, monsters and beasts lurking in Cwm – BBC Wales

A pterodactyl to hang from a tree in Boris Johnson’s garden on his 50th birthday was one of the requests.

Another brought Hollywood director Tim Burton to Blaenau Gwent in search of dinosaurs.

Lifesize Models by Alba Shed, which sells ALBAmazing realistic creations, came about after a chance encounter in Asia two decades ago.

It now supplies attractions across the UK with replica lifesize models of practically anything your imagination can conjure.

Driving down the narrow main street in Cwm, near Ebbw Vale, it is hard to miss the giant models of elephants, yetis and vampires on the roadside.

Ben Powell, who runs the business in his spare time with his sister said it all started when their father visited Asia more than 20 years ago.

“He has always had the ability to see value in things that people might want to buy,” Mr Powell added.

“After seeing a couple of models over there, he thought ‘this might work’ and found the factory where they were made.”

Initially, he brought over a 20-foot container with artworks of characters such as Frankenstein and Dracula that he sold to customers around the UK.

Following this he supplied lifesize dinosaurs to Dan yr Ogof showcaves in the Brecon Beacons and because of the attention to detail of the models, was commissioned to supply the 40ft dinosaurs now on display.

The process starts with sketch details and scale models of how a model should look from different angles and how pieces will fit together (some are too large to be shipped in one piece).

These are then sent to the factory who create a prototype in styro-foam for approval prior to the model going into full production.

Over the years, Alba Shed has sold to clients’ from all backgrounds – There is no strict demographic.

“I recall once, dad called and said ‘there is some bloke with a big, curly hair and some heavies here wanting to buy dinosaurs’,” Mr Powell said.

As it turns out, it was Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton – however, he was not after props for the set of a fantasy movie but dinosaurs for his children to play with in his garden outside London.

Marina Wheeler – the wife of Conservative MP Boris Johnson – also ordered a pterodactyl for his 50th birthday which had to be hanging from a tree in their garden when he arrived home.

Other famous people to have bought items include Ringo Starr’s son Zak Starkey who ordered two 12ft giraffes.

The company is named Alba Shed using the initials of his children – Anna, Lucy, Ben and Amy – with “Shed” for the storage area.

But it was mainly a hobby, and apart from a small online presence, little was done to market it.

Then, two years ago, he suggested he was going to call it a day .

Having a belief that the business could be the making of something, his son and daughter decided to step in.

They found the shed crammed full of items he had collected over the years, including a 12ft miner, some solid wood tigers and several collectables.

Mr Powell said his favourites are “Dave the Yeti” and “Uncle Frank” (Frankenstein).

The pair now attend conventions and trade shows as they look for new customers who want to buy their wacky creations.

“We are working on a spectacular ice cave for a valued customer along with a Dylan Thomas character for a “photo-op” bench in Swansea,” Mr Powell added.

“But it is scare attractions that seem to be booming and we are involved with creating themed crazy golf parks around pirates and horror.”

However, for the backstreet shed that already draws crowds, there is another obvious use for the creations.

Once they discover what villain and monster models are hoarded away in the warehouse, they plan to create a showroom with themed areas.

Not quite Madame Tussauds, perhaps, but some of the characters should at least provide a fright to those who dare visit at Halloween.


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Wales’ very own Dinosaur!!!

dracoraptor hanigani

Wales’ very own Dinosaur!!! Dracoraptor hanigani: New Species of Dinosaur Discovered in Wales


A partial skeleton of the new dinosaur, including a skull and teeth, was discovered on a beach near Cardiff. It was analyzed by a team of UK scientists led by Dr. David Martill from the University of Portsmouth, and was identified as a new species and genus of the theropod dinosaur.


“Approximately 40% of a skeleton including cranial and postcranial remains representing a new genus and species of basal neotheropod dinosaur is described,” Dr. Martill and his colleagues from the Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, the University of Manchester, and the University of Portsmouth, wrote in a paper in the journal PLoS ONE.


“It was collected from fallen blocks from a sea cliff that exposes Late Triassic and Early Jurassic marine and quasi marine strata on the south Wales coast near the city of Cardiff.”


Dr. Martill and co-authors proposed the name Dracoraptor hanigani for this new dinosaur.

“The genus name Dracoraptor is from Draco alluding to the dragon of Wales with raptor, meaning robber, a commonly employed suffix for theropod dinosaurs,” they explained.

“The species name honors Nick and Rob Hanigan who discovered the skeleton.”



According to the paleontologists, Dracoraptor hanigani was a small, agile carnivore, about 2.3 feet (70 cm) tall and 6.5 feet (2 m) long, with a long tail.

It was a distant cousin of T. rex and lived at the beginning of the Jurassic period, approximately 200 million years ago, possibly making it the oldest Jurassic dinosaur in the UK or even in the world.

The specimen also represents the most complete theropod dinosaur from Wales and the first dinosaur skeleton from the Jurassic of Wales.

It is thought that the fossil was from a juvenile animal as most of its bones are not yet fully formed.

“The Triassic-Jurassic extinction event is often credited for the later success of dinosaurs through the Jurassic and Cretaceous, but previously we knew very little about dinosaurs at the start of this diversification and rise to dominance,” said co-author Dr. Steven Vidovic, of the University of Portsmouth.

“Now we have Dracoraptor, a relatively complete 6-foot-long juvenile theropod from the very earliest days of the Jurassic in Wales.”

Martill D.M. et al. 2016. The Oldest Jurassic Dinosaur: A Basal Neotheropod from the Hettangian of Great Britain. PLoS ONE 11 (1): e0145713; doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0145713

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May The Fourth be with you!

Walking Robot Waiter Silver 3D Realistic Figure

Sci-fi & Space Figures – May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Day – A celebration by fans worldwide of the iconic Star Wars films using a play on the words “May the Force be with you”.

We are all massive fans of the Star Wars films here at the Shed and know how to celebrate “May the Fourth be with you” in style.

Being old enough (ahem) to see the very first [Ed: fourth] film in the series and having our imaginations captured with the amazing effects left a lasting impact on us.

Within our range are a selection of Sci-fi & Space Themed Models so take a look and find the perfect spaceman, android or spaceship! Or maybe you just want an awesome realistic alien model to keep you company?

For the more adventurous Sci-Fi fanatics out there, how about something a little different:


May the Fourth be with you!!!

Whether it is a Sci-fi & Space 3D prop you are looking for or something else, then we have it or can get it! We have a wide range of realistic sculptures in stock, more arriving soon and a huge back catalogue of products which can be pre-ordered – Perfect for that unique and different Christmas present (we know, May already – Where does the time go?)

So, have a browselike us, tweet us, or call us now on 07880 731457 and we would love to help you out!

Look forward to hearing from you crazy Shedders![easy-tweet tweet=”May the Fourth be with you always, Shedders!” user=”” hashtags=”#HappyStarWarsDay, #lifesizemodels, #realisticstatues, #3Dprops” url=””]


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Albashed’s Farmyard Animals need a home


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Before you say anything, these aren’t real farmyard animals that we’re keeping in our warehouse, but they still need to find a good home all the same.

At Albashed, we have a variety of lovely farmyard animals available to purchase to spice up your farm shop, cafe or children’s play area. They will definitely make look twice to check if they’re real!

On the Albashed ‘farm’, we have a few little pigs that are so life-like, it may even prompt you to step back to avoid the smell (don’t worry, they don’t actually smell…).[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”7263″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”7258″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Or take our cute little Ewe for example. A model so gorgeous, you’ll want to pick it up and hug it, although we wouldn’t suggest it as the models are very hard…

Also, take a look at all the chickens and ducks that are running around the place – they will definitely definitely grab the kids’ attention.

With so many animals around the place, we have our own little model farm at Albashed, but remember, these animals need to go to a special home and if you think you can provide that, get in touch with us. We have plenty of farmyard animals for you to take a look at.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]